REVEALED – Low Light – High ISO tests

********** REVEALED!!!!!!!!! **********


We had a bit of fun. You’ve seen the result on Intagram and Facebook probably on your phone, but we thought we’d give you the opportunity to look at them on a proper big screen. You’ll get a better idea that way. If you aren’t sure if you trust your own monitor you can always drop by our offices to see the actual footage projected or screened on big & calibrated monitors.

Here’s the setup:

2 cameras. Same price point.

ARRI Alexa Mini & RED Weapon Monstro 8K VV. They cost the same to buy, they cost the same to rent!

2K ProRes 422HQ IN Camera.

YES, all DSMC2 Cameras shoot ProRes & DNxHR in camera with or without R3D file. (2K 422 LT doesn’t affect compression ratio on the R3D file).
We also recorded ARRIRAW vs. R3D quick video edit coming out soon.

ISO 3200. Pushed 1 stop.

This is a very stressful test for the Mini, we know most people won’t push it to 3200. But we do have the RAW files so please come by we’ll gladly show you a 1600 version or 1280. We might even do more tests, say in broad daylight… If you ask nicely!!

The very interesting thing about this test is that even though most people won’t shoot at 3200, well, with the Monstro sensor, YOU CAN. It comes down to size of sensor, oversampling and photosite quality.  Pushing the camera’s performance isn’t only for projects with big budgets in post-production either, quick turnaround 4K ProRes 422 HQ  gives you really good bang for the buck!

Zeiss Super Speed wide open = 1.3 Matched Field Of View.

50mm on the Mini. 85mm on the Monstro.  

Lit by an iPhone X and nothing else. (1.4 2/3 on Ben’s face with a Sekonic Spotmeter)

Everyone knows lighting fixtures are becoming lighter and better, big lights will stay for sure, but small lights are fun too! We’re thinking Digital Sputnik, DMG Lumière, Arri SkyPanels etc. Again small & powerful. Not expensive & good!
Also, Ben had to dig pretty deep in his drawers to find his light meter, when the last time you used one!? It is very trendy to use good calibrated monitors to light and judge exposure. (We calibrate monitors too. Call us!)

If you really wanna know before everyone… Well… Our whisky reserve is getting dangerously low, so you know what to do!

We can discuss all of this and play with the footage around coffee or whisky. You decide!

Click for Full-size image.

Shot by Thib’s Killin, the AWESOME intern. (@thibskillin on social)

Model powered by the #SingingBaristas @ Cafe Les P’tits Enfants de Felice ( Parc & St-viateur ) ( @cafefelice.mtl )
STILL No beard oil sponsor yet. ( Reach out @benoitcgauthier )

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